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  Jeanne Piaubert ,  a woman ahead of her time
Beauty has its story.  More than 80 years of experience and success have enabled Méthode Jeanne Piaubert to acquire unique know-how in creating and working with treatments  entirely dedicated to beauty and well-being, benefiting from the most advanced cosmetic technologies.

Before the Method and the Brand, Jeanne Piaubert herself was a visionary woman who, as early as the Twenties, bridged the gap between medicine and beauty.  Her prime concern: the physical routines and efficacy of her treatments.  Like a signature, there is a specific manner of application associated with each product.

In 1928, she opened her first institute on Paris’s Rue de la Paix, where Dermoplasticians under the supervision of physicians were trained to apply the exclusive method. It was a major first in the beauty world, and success was immediate.

In 1937, Jeanne Piaubert pioneered once again, introducing an unprecedented and exclusive technique for “no-surgery bust rectification”. One of the brand’s best-selling treatments from the start, the avant-garde process is as modern today as it was in the Thirties.

In 1976, Méthode Jeanne Piaubert launched sales of a complete range of specific face and body products that draw on the latest advances in cutting-edge cosmetic research.

When the Jacques Bogart Group bought the brand from a major international group in 1993, it skilfully positioned Méthode Jeanne Piaubert among the leaders in face and bodycare in the selective markets in France and worldwide. Exceptional know-how, unique products, pioneering textures, exclusive compounds, technical breakthroughs and patented stimulation devices: the best science has to offer is concentrated in a complete range of targeted products for face and body, now available in more than 40 countries.

The Institute

Receiving “Méthode Jeanne Piaubert” care means discovering the expertise of a Brand and an exclusive and patented process of specific skincare where performance and pleasure are always rigorously combined.

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