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  Jeanne Piaubert ,  an avant-garde brand
Before the Method and the Brand, Jeanne Piaubert was a woman, and a very special one she was! It was back in 1925… the “fair” sex was becoming emancipated. This evolution did not escape the attention of young Jeanne Piaubert. A trained chemical engineer, she was one of the first female physiotherapists in France. She assisted Professor Allard in his medical electrotherapy research. On the basis of her medical experience, Jeanne Piaubert developed figure remodelling devices. She also studied the effects of electric current on rejuvenation of the face and developed a method she dubbed “Dermoplastique Active”, based on massage, electro-stimulation and cosmetic products.

In 1928, she opened her first institute in Paris, where she trained dermoplasticians* working under the supervision of physicians.  It was a major first in the beauty world, and success was immediate. A genuine pioneer, Jeanne Piaubert encouraged women to become more aware of their bodies.  In 1937, she initiated an exclusive “no-surgery bust rectification” technique. This “no-lifting lift” process is still a best-selling treatment.

Since the Twenties, Méthode Jeanne Piaubert has evolved apace with science but its philosophy, principles and originality have remained true to the spirit of its founder.  Innovation, reliability, rigour and efficacy are the strength and signature of the Brand.

Over 80 years of experience has enabled Méthode Jeanne Piaubert to acquire unique know-how in creating and working with treatments  entirely dedicated to beauty and well-being, benefiting from the most advanced cosmetic technologies.

The Institute

Receiving “Méthode Jeanne Piaubert” care means discovering the expertise of a Brand and an exclusive and patented process of specific skincare where performance and pleasure are always rigorously combined.

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